A UXaaS Company
Creating the best user experience is like crafting an art. We do not believe it can be achieved while using the drag & drop approach and customizations. The best user experience has to be delivered through the combined effort by both designers and developers. Holding to this belief, Moblor offers customers the best mobile user experience in a brand new way.
Moblor IDE
Going mobile is the most transformative development of the internet. HTML5 is playing a critical role in this transformation. Tech experts have been saying that HTML5 apps would eventually overtake most of the native apps, even though most people do not know clearly how this will take place. The Moblor IDE provides an answer and makes such evolution possible. The Moblor IDE is a cloud-based platform for building and maintaining HTML5 apps. It offers a new democracy for building mobile apps. The Moblor IDE has the following key features:
1. One platform combining mobile technologies with cloud computing technologies.
2. One app running across different mobile operating systems.
3. One cloud-based IDE where developers can build mobile apps from within a browser and release them onto the Moblor Market where end users can install and upgrade their apps.
Mobile app development and maintenance are made easier than ever before.
Moblor Market

The Moblor Market is our one-stop marketplace for all Enterprise Mobility solutions you are looking for. Your users can browse and install mobile apps which are designed and built specifically for your business operating processes. Mobile apps are built either by Moblor or by certified third-party vendors.

To ensure a superior mobile user experience to our customers, we work closely with our partners in order to make sure that their apps also meet our rigorous UX requirements before being released on the Moblor Market.

Moblor Delivery Team
Our delivery team is composed of account managers, UX designers and developers. By working together, the team provides the best mobile user experience through a unique delivery process.
Account Managers
We define the role of an account manager as a true advocate of our customers' success, working with them on a daily basis and is reachable reliably whenever needed.
UX Designers
At Moblor, we put a strong emphasis on UX design. Without a superior design, the best user experience is nowhere to be found. Our designers are the masterminds behind that.
We teach our developers how to work like artists. Converting the beauty and ease of use of each design into a real app is an art they really care about. The perfection is achieved in each line of code.
Moblor Value Proposition
Best mobile user experience fully complying with your branding requirements.
Free app implementation.
Free on-going support, including both technical support and development of new functionalities.
Your account manager is only a phone call away when you have ideas you want to run with a tech expert.
Superior mobile app performance, things get done quickly.
HTML5 apps run across different platforms.
Risk free, only pay for licenses after fully satisfied.
Tiered pricing model makes a large amount of licenses affordable.
No long-term obligation, free to pause or cancel a subscription at any time.
Moblor Data Security
Data security is the most critical aspect of any Enterprise Mobility strategy. Moblor protects your data from the following perspectives:
1. Mobile App Access. You can choose to draw a pattern or use your fingerprint in order to unlock your mobile app.
2. App Authentication. OAuth 2.0 and OpenID are being used to authenticate access to your cloud data. The security tokens used to access the data are saved in the most secure part of your mobile device.
3. Data Transmission. Data transmitted between your mobile app and the cloud is encrypted using the 256 bit encryption algorithm.
4. Cloud Data. Moblor partners with the most trusted brand to provide you a cloud based database service. The most advanced technologies are being used to protect your data within the cloud.
5. Data Access. Moblor implements measures to prevent access, use, modification or disclosure of your data by Moblor personnel.
Case Study - Moblor for Rolls Royce Motor Cars
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (RRMC) uses Salesforce as its CRM system globally. In China, it has 20 plus dealers and each dealer has multiple Salesforce accounts to record prospective and current customer information and manage sales and customer support activities. Each regional team uses reports and dashboards to monitor dealer performance.More
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Send us an email at if you're interested in our product, have questions or want to become a partner to publish your mobile solutions on our app store.
Case Study - Moblor for Rolls Royce Motor Cars


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (RRMC) uses Salesforce as its CRM system globally. In China, it has 20 plus dealers and each dealer has multiple Salesforce accounts to record prospective and current customer information and manage sales and customer support activities. Each regional team uses reports and dashboards to monitor dealer performance.

Challenges & The Opportunity

RRMC China realized the importance of business intelligence that a data analytics tool can provide, but it met obstacles due to low quality of source data as well as limitations with the Salesforce reporting tool.

Major Obstacles:

  • Limited Salesforce Accessibility - Users can only log into Salesforce through their computers, which is inconvenient for sales people who spend most of their time being with potential customers without having access to their computers. This causes delay in getting information recorded.
  • Complicated Data Input - The data input/update process is complicated resulting in data inconsistencies and inaccuracies.
  • Salesforce Reporting Limitations - Salesforce has a number of constraints generating required reports for performance analysis.
Moblor saw a potential opportunity and we came up with a mobile solution.

The Solution & Benefits

The Moblor team worked with RRMC, studied its current process and fully learned its expectations. The team then built a customized Moblor app which considerably improves the user experience. The app allows users to input and update customer information when and where it makes sense and with an interface that simplifies the process. The app also meets the requirements of RRMC’s power users. Throughout the process, Moblor’s account manager worked closely with the RRMC to not only provide training assistance, but constantly looked for ways to improve the app, resulting in the optimal app for RRMC’s requirements. Moblor’s unique pricing model gave RRMC the flexibility to roll out the mobile solution in a controlled process.

Moblor Solution Benefits:

  • Decreased Response Time - Qlick access to the mobile app saves time logging into Salesforce and loading the expected data.
  • Simplified Process - The easy to use app increases user adoption and ultimately results in better customer information in Salesforce.
  • Customized Reporting - The customized reports and dashboards provided by Moblor make it a true mobile data analytics tool.
  • Security - The advanced technologies utilized by Moblor guarantee data security.
  • Dedicated Support Team - The Moblor dedicated support team ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Cost - The Moblor solution ultimately reduces the mobile app development and training costs.
Learn more about Moblor’s value proposition at this link.
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